Regular Services of St. John's Episcopal Church date from August 21, 1886 when Bishop Weed of the Diocese of Florida paid his first visit here.  The "church edifice" was built in 1889 and dedicated January 13, 1890 by Bishop Weed.  The Diocesan Journal valued it at $1,900.00 including the land. 

Today the building is called the Chapel.  The building was originally erected on the northwest corner of Mitchell & Sproule.  In 1902 it was moved two blocks southeast to the corresponding corner of Broadway and Sproule. The building was moved again in 1961 to its present site, where ancient oaks providentially grew providing the exceptional setting.
The Nave, seating over 100, is virtually unchanged since its construction. Our Chapel is the second oldest church building remaining in Osceola County, the Presbyterian Church pre-dates it.  In 1921, the building was struck by lightning and almost burnt down. In 1955 the Sacristy was destroyed by fire.

The insurance proceeds from the fire were used toward the down payment for today's property on North Bermuda (now John Young Parkway).  Originally, 23 acres were purchased, but 13 acres, including much of the Vine Street frontage, was sold before the Chapel was moved to the 10-acre site in 1961 and after the parish house and office had been completed.   

The interior of the Chapel was restored to its original appearance later in the 1960s and soon afterward the present steel bell tower was erected beside the Sacristy.

Other buildings on the property in 1990 were the Rectory (built in 1962), the Office-Nursery (built in 1978), and the present Church (completed in 1982).

After a succession of several different Rectors during the 1980s and 1990s, Fr. Cecil D. Radcliff III came to St. John's in September of 2001. Fr. Cecil and his family have provided us, "The Caring Church," with the leadership that a caring church such as St. John's requires.